Balassi Gimnázium Erasmus+


Videókonferencia október 2.

2016. október 06. 21:03 - balassi.erasmus

The meeting took place on the eTwinning Live platform (Adobe Connect) It started at 20:00 and finished at 20:45. The four school coordinators attended the meeting.



During the meeting they talked about the preparations for the mobility that will take place next week (The Hague, 10-14 October):

  • Matches host / guest students (addresses will be available as soon as possible)
  • Activities to be done by students before the mobility (Titanpads)
  • Activities to be done by teachers before the mobility (questions and some personal information -hobbies, fun facts- to be sent to Holland. Contact phone numbers on the shared Google Doc)
  • Issues related to the trip to and from The Hague
  • Activities during the mobility: workshops, sports (clothes), student presentations …
  • Weather forecast.